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Thirsty Pug, Craft Beer, Auburn NY beer

Thirsty Pug Advantage

Our goal is to provide you with the best craft beer experience possible.  We're more than just beer on a shelf, we provide a better beer experience in everyway we can. Here's how...


Where to start

The world of craft beer is both complex and diverse.  It's hard to predict which beer you'll enjoy until you try it and it may be frustrating to spend money a six-pack you don’t enjoy. We've remedied this issue in a few ways.  A majority of our inventory is available in single bottles.  This allows you to experiment and try different styles of beer without investing money in cases of product.  We offer Thirsty Pug custom six packs for this reason.  We also organize our beer by style and similar flavors.  This may help guide you in the right direction when looking to try something new. We also provide a knowledgeable staff.  Not sure the difference between a porter and a stout; an english ipa and an american ipa; a berliner-weisse and a gose?  Please ask, we love talking about beer and are more than happy to help.


Fresh Beer

While some beers age gracefully, others do not.  At the Thirsty Pug, we value quality over quantity.  Large inventories are impressive, old beer is not.  We implement a rotating stock to keep our selection varied and interesting, while keeping beers from collecting dust.  If you need help finding bottling dates or would like to know which beers age well, just ask.


Skunk Free

Light can be very damaging to a beer’s flavor, especially hoppy beers (i.e. IPAs, Pale Ales).  Hop compounds are converted by certain light spectrums into "skunky" flavors.  Brown beer bottles do a great job of filtering light, but close proximity fluorescent lights (common in beer coolers) may cause “skunking”.  These hoppy beers also rely on refrigeration to preserve their hop flavors.  We have solved this issue by installing UV-blocking bulb covers that filter out damaging light spectrums. We also store our hoppy beers in refrigeration, ensuring you a "skunk" free beer.


Thirsty Pug Custom Six-Packs

Are you new to craft beer and would like to familiarize yourself with common craft beer styles? Are you a fan of Guinness and would like to try something different? We design custom six-packs organized in various ways to help guide you in your beer selection. Our knowledgeable staff is also happy to assist you in creating your own custom six-pack




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